Monthly Specials

 *All of our coolant formulas have completed ASTM Industry standard testing at Amalgatech Laboratories and meet or exceed Manufactures specifications, respectively.


This months special is the True Color System Basic Setup, including everything pictured here.


TRUECOLOR coolant is your single solution to all of your antifreeze needs this 150,000 mile/6 year recommened change interval formula is delivered clear in color and you decide what color you want it to be depending on application. This long life ultra compatible hybrid formula is the answer for the facility that services multiple manufactures. One long life cooolant that can be any OEM color you need.TRUECOLOR antifreeze / engine coolant  may be used in virtually any engine cooling system. This technology is well proven over decades of use, and is essentially engineered to resemble the extended life coolants used in some OEM’s as factort fill. BTHOAT inhibitor chemistry meets ASTM D3306 (in virgin glycol), ASTM D6210 and TMC RP-329 (EG) or RP-330 (PG).  In properly recycled engine coolant BTHOAT is designed to meet ASTM D6471 (prediluted) or ASTM D6472 (concentrate).  The BTHOAT chemistry is compatible with most types of coolant on the market today as well as other hybrid technology coolants.  This type of coolant is sometimes referred to as “heavy duty extended life”, “global extended service” or “HOAT”.  TRUECOLOR, if used as directed, will provide satisfactory performance in most cars and trucks.

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